Michi-Gummies Chocolate

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Product description

How do you improve upon the best gummie candy in all of Michigan?  You add amazing milk chocolate from Sayklly’s of Escanaba, MI!

This is a 5 oz. pouch of Michigan-shaped pieces of heaven (note that the regular MichiGummies pouch is 8 oz. – this is a smaller bag).  Each package contains all 6 fruit flavors of Michigan: cherry, raspberry, apple, grape, strawberry and watermelon – all covered in awesome Michigan milk chocolate!

If you’re thinking, “Hmmm, I don’t know.  Gummies covered in chocolate?  That sounds kind of odd.”  We know.  We’ve heard a lot of people say that.  But then these same people are blown away by how good it tastes and they are left wondering why they ever doubted that combining two delicious candies results in an even more delicious candy!