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ITZI is all about speed! Be the first to get rid of all five of your letter cards.


Everyone is dealt five letter cards. Players should look at BOTH sides of their letter cards, and can either hold their cards in their hands or lay them out on the table.

Place the stack of ITZI cards in the center.

1.  Someone flips over the top ITZI card and puts it in the center for all to read. (Or someone can read it out loud.)

2.  Players quickly look at their letter cards (both front and back) and call out a word that answers the ITZI card and that starts with one of their letters. For example, let’s say the ITZI card reads, “It’z an animal.” If a player has a letter card with a “K” on it, they could call out “kangaroo” and at the same time smack down that letter card on top of the ITZI card.(They also could have used the other letters on the card and said, “Tiger!” or “Iguana!” or “Newt!”.)

3.  The first player to call out a correct answer and smack down his/her letter card gets to discard it.

4.  A new ITZI card is flipped over and play continues.

5  The first player to get rid of all five of his/her letter cards wins the game!